Human Rights Education

Currently our South Asia Co-ordinating Council (SACC)’s training work in Human Rights Education (HRE) is in a Third Phase (2011-2013).

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Please see brief event reportbacks for this Third Phase under the Trainings Log at left, and download fuller program reports from this table:


Jerusalem-Hebron Religious Leaders' Forum 2011 report2011PDFEurope & Middle East



Jerusalem-Hebron Religious Leaders’ Forum 

Our Europe & Middle East (EME) region’s Israel member group the Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) has had active programs in place for many years. IARF currently funds its Leaders’ Forum operating in the Jerusalem & Hebron areas.

From the motivation document:

“The  Forum  will  recruit  leading community religious  leaders  – Rabbis of synagogues and villages, heads and  teachers in Yeshivot  (Jewish religious  academies),  Imams  in mosques,  community  Sheikhs, etc.    They will be consistently exposed to each other’s teachings and practices through regular  encounters  of  joint  study  and  open  conversation, while  emphasizing mutual respect and sincere desire for mutual understanding. The process will lead them to get to know each other better and better, gain more knowledge about  the  religion of  the other,  and  through  that, become more  respectful  of  the  other,  and  develop  strong bonds  of  friendship”.

Please download program reports from the table above.




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