The work of our South Asia Co-ordinating Council (SACC)

IARF-SACC, our regional body for South Asia, is a Charitable Trust registered in India, managed by the International Council members of IARF from India, and advised by a committee of the National Presidents of the Chapters of nations in the region (National Chapters exist in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and in Pakistan, and have Branches in different parts of the respective countries).  
IARF-SACC promotes, monitors and co-ordinates the activities of these National Chapters.

Our SACC office is based in Kerala state, near the city of Kozhencherry. 

For background on funded SACC projects, please link from the top menu, Projects.  

SACC’s own webpage on Human Rights Education.


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South Asia
24 March 2012: @ Mysore, India (South Asia)
HRE facilitators workshop
It will be a brainstorming and interactive one with our past experiences. We need to implement and correct the contends according to our experiences and thoughts.
New way of reporting informed by the RKK and the secretariat also highlighting the importance of the video recording .
21 February 2012: (South Asia)
Human Rights Education training in Bangalore
@ L.E. Law College, Bangalore by Mr.Ramachandran and Shabeer
26 November 2011: @ Danielson College, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh (South Asia)
HRE program at Danielson College,Madhya Pradesh
08 August 2011: @ Thiruvalluvar College, Thirunelveli, Tamilnadu Ethiraj College, Chennai (South Asia)
Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day, 2011

Commemorating the 65th anniversary.
Photos | Report

27 June 2011: @ Vidyavdharka PU College, Mysore (South Asia)
HRE Workshop

Human Rights Education Workshop. See photos.

29 January 2011: @ Bangalore (South Asia)
HRE Facilitator Training

IARF - HRE Young Adult Facilitator Training at BIRDS, Bangalore. A report is available.





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