Membership in IARF

For more than 100 years the IARF has stood for & worked towards cultural & interfaith understanding, justice, peace & religious freedom. We advocate & practise commitment to the fundamental right of religious freedom, and to understanding & mutual respect among persons of different religious traditions.

IARF Member Groups

We are the oldest global inter-religious organization, and the only one with corporate memberships by constituent religious communities. Ours is a world community of organisations, groups & individuals from diverse faith & belief traditions. We count 75 member organizations in 26 countries, speaking more than 20 languages and representing faith traditions from all continents.

S. AsiaEMEN. AmericaE. AsiaRest of the World
Bangladesh (1)
India (13)
Nepal (1)
Pakistan (2)
Sri Lanka (2)
Czech Republic (1)
Denmark (1)
Finland (1)
France (1)
Germany (5)
Hungary (2)
Israel (1)
the Netherlands (6)
Northern Ireland (2)
Poland (1)
Romania (1)
Russia (1)
Switzerland (1)
UK (4)
Canada (2)
USA (3)
Japan (8)
Philippines (4)
R O Taiwan (1)
Australia (1)
Nigeria (2)
South Africa (1)

Group Membership

Organisations & groups may apply for membership.
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Individual Membership

We also welcome into membership those individuals who are interested in joining together with us toward religious freedom.

Individuals work through Chapters in the following countries: Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, the Netherlands, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

For membership in a relevant chapter, please use the Individual Membership Form link (at top of sidebar menu).
If your country has no Chapter, please contact the Secretariat (Contact Us link at bottom left).



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