An International Council of 20 members is elected every four years by delegates from the Member Organisations and Chapters, in the General Meeting held at our quadrennial World Congress.  Council meets annually to guide the work of the organisation.

At the administrative level, regional co-ordinators initiate and support regional and local projects, while the International Secretariat in Osaka, Japan, monitors religious freedom concerns and administers worldwide programmes.


President — Most Rev. Mitsuo MiyakeKonko Church of IzuoEast Asia
Vice-President — Dr. Shlomo AlonInterfaith Encounter AssociationEurope & Middle East
(and Company Secretary) — Jeffrey Teagle
General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian ChurchesEurope & Middle East

Other Executive Committee members

Dr. Homi DhallaWorld Zoroastrian Cultural FoundationSouth Asia
Bro. Albert XaviourRFYN Young Adult NetworkNon-regional
Rev. Dr. Doris HunterUS ChapterNorth America

Other members of Council

Adv. Mohammed Shabeer AhmedIndia ChapterSouth Asia
Rev. Keiichi AkagawaRissho Kosei-kaiEast Asia
Rev. Eric CherryUnitarian Universalist AssociationNorth America
Jennifer DicksonCanadian Unitarian CouncilNorth America
Rev. Drs. Wytske DijkstraRemonstrant BrotherhoodEurope & Middle East
Morse FloresRFYN (Young Adult Network)Non-regional
Rev. Mitsuru HiraokaMutsumi-kaiEast Asia
Wolfgang JantzDeutsche Unitarier Religionsgemeinschaft e. V.Europe & Middle East
Prof. Kathy MatsuiInternational Association for Liberal Religious Women (IALRW)Non-regional
Guji Takahiro MiwaHiyoshi ShrineEast Asia
Rev. Takeshi NishidaIttoenEast Asia
Adv. Varadarajalu RengapashyamIndia ChapterSouth Asia
Dr. Yehuda StolovInterfaith Encounter AssociationEurope & Middle East
Annelies TrenningDutch ChapterEurope & Middle East


PRESIDENT Most. Rev. Mitsuo MIYAKE – Japan

Vice-PRESIDENT Dr. Shlomo ALON – Israel


Rev. Keiichi AKAGAWA – Japan

Rev. Eric CHERRY – USA

Dr. Homi DHALLA – India

Jennifer DICKSON – Canada

Rev. Drs. Wytske DIJKSTRA – Netherlands

Morse FLORES – Philippines

Rev. Mitsuru HIRAOKA – Japan

Rev. Dr. Doris HUNTER – USA

Wolfgang JANTZ – Germany

Prof. Kathy MATSUI – Japan

Rev. Takahiro MIWA – Japan

Rev. Takashi NISHIDA – Japan

Adv. Varadarajalu RENGAPASHYAM – India

Adv. Mohammed Ahmad SHABEER – India

Dr. Yehuda STOLOV – Israel

Annelies TRENNING – Netherlands

Bro. Albert XAVIOUR – India


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